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As a child actor, Robert Axel had the privilege of being directed by Sy Salkowitz, writer/ director of the original Perry Mason and Ironside TV series.  After completing a doctorate in psychology, Robert’s passion for acting re-emerged and he began studying in earnest with Gene Frankel, Terry Schreiber, Edward Moorehouse and Lynn Singer, among others.  While maintaining a clinical practice in the West Village of New York City, and appearing as a media psychologist on such television shows as Good Day New York, Robert’s energy and drive propel him to auditions, rehearsal studios, to stage performances and to film and television shoots with professional dedication and single minded pursuit.  Favorite roles include a tormented cop in Todd Verow’s feature film Between Something and Nothing, and a WWII Veteran and hero of the Stonewall Rebellion in David Gaard’s My Mother Told Me I Was Different, (cited as the best docudrama of the summer ’06 New York theatre festivals).  Versatile, funny, sensitive and a good listener, Robert, who enjoys playing off-beat characters, prides himself in making creative acting choices as well as being accessible when taking direction on camera, on stage and on the television set.

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